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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we bring extra or additional food and drinks to our Private Party?

Yes, you may bring any additional items you may need for your party


Can we add balloon garlands or decorations to party packages?

Yes, add-on items are available upon request.

How much are additional balloon garlands?

Balloon Garlands start at $75.


Do you provide photo backdrops?

Yes, we have a variety of backdrops you can add-on to any party package, and we have the ability to purchase additional themes upon request.


Do you provide all decorations on the pictures from parties?

The majority of the decorations come from us, but parents bring extra stuff as well.


Can we bring ice chests?

Ice chests are not permitted inside the venue. They can be left outside by the door for easy access.


Do you have a refrigerator available for parties?

Yes, most party packages include use of the refrigerator. 

Do we need to bring our own trash bags or cleaning supplies?

No, we provide trash bags and we take care of the majority of the cleaning.


Can we have the party catered?

Yes, we have space directly outside our venue for catering companies.


How early can we start decorating and what time does clean up begin?

You may arrive 45 minutes before the party to start decorating or setting up. Clean up starts 15 minutes before the party ends.


What else do I need to bring for my private party?

We recommend at least 3 tablecloths for the food and cake tables, a knife for cake and additional paper goods for the food.


Can I hang anything on the wall?

Tape or staples are not allowed on the tables, chairs or walls. Items may be hung on a stand or on the glass walls.


Do you provide entertainment or characters?

Yes, we have an array of add-ons available for parties. We also have access to a variety of characters.


How old can the kids be to enter the playground?

Kids eight years old and under may enter the play area.


Are socks required?

Yes, socks are required inside the play area at all times for adults and kids.


Do you sell socks?

Yes, we have socks for adults and kids at $3 each.


Can we bring outside food or snacks during our visit?



How many parents can come in with one child?

One child admission covers one adult admission. Any additional adults are $5 each.


Do babies pay for admission?

Babies under 8 months old do NOT pay admission.


Do you offer monthly passes?

Yes, monthly passes are available for $75.


What other activities do you offer?

We offer a range of workshops, classes, parent meet ups, story time and play dates.


Can we reserve on Mondays and Tuesdays even if you are closed?

Yes, Mondays and Tuesdays are available for private reservations.

Do you have other questions? 
We are here to help!

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